Japanese Dramas VS Korean Dramas

This time of year is tough for many — and while some relax while watching yet anotherKorean Drama Law & Order marathon, sometimes just something silly is the best. This drama is not going the way other dramas do so if KJ ends up with IR or has the love line with IR more than HT, that doesn’t make him the lead and HT the second lead because he’s not IR’s love interest. I too am not a fan of the actor, so I’m watching this drama for what it is. It would not surprise me if HT and IR end up together. For me, I’ve been very disappointed in this drama because I didn’t care for all the romance scenes between IR and KJ-but I will say that in most of those scenes she doesn’t appear to be happy. I have watch till episode 19. If this end with hee tae n il ri, i would really dissapoint with this drama, this story. Look, marriage not dating, heart to heart, oh my ghost, are great friday saturday tvN drama.

Canceling the show sends the message that the whole thing was a failure, and I can’t help but feel for everyone involved in the production who put together something decently good, only to get the axe because Korean viewers didn’t give them a shot. With drama reviews and an outsider’s perspective on cultural clues, our Korean drama blog will help you reach kdrama bliss.

Additionally, The Heirs was awarded with Best Modern Drama in 2014 Asia Rainbow TV Awards and Outstanding Korean Drama in 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards. Moreover, it won Silver Award, Best Foreign TV Series” in the 20th Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Awards and Excellent Korean Drama” in the 9th Seoul International Drama Awards. Is a 2012 South Korean drama starring Park Yuchun, Han Ji-min, Jeong Yu-mi, Lee Tae-sung, Lee Min-ho, Jung Suk-won and Choi Woo-shik.

In an effort to help those less familiar with the drama side of the Hallyu spectrum here’s a quick list of dramas and films to check out before heading to LA later this month. Last year over 43,000 fans of Korean pop culture traveled from around the U.S. to solidify KCON as a summer Los Angeles staple. Be sure to check out KCON’s Official Website for more information on both KCON 2015 LA and KCON 2015 NY. For a long time, Korean audiences were not really ready to accept urban fantasy in their TV shows.

Sometimes the Korean pronunciation of certain words sounds rather jumbled or hard to distinguish. It was sooooo worth the wait because at this early stage, I am defi-freaking-nitely loving this drama already! Except for next week I’m going to watch Hyun Bin drama” Hyde, Jekyll and I”. This drama gives me excitement, thrilling and a good laugh. Love the OST song too, the song word meaning and the tune is sooo perfect for this drama. The appearance of Yo Sub gave a glimmer of hope that Ri Jin has indeed won his heart.

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